We are a company with over 25 years of experience in dealing with gas appliances and carbon monoxide, both here in Australia and in the UK.

Our mission is simple, and it is to manage the risk involved for those responsible for gas safety, i.e. property managers and landlords. Their duty of care obligations as per The Residential Tenancies ACT 1997, The Gas ACT and also appliance manufacturer’s recommendations means that a proactive approach must be followed in respect to gas safety and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our vision is that all rental properties in Australia with a gas appliance should be checked at least every second year and have a carbon monoxide alarm installed at the first visit, for safety in between those safety checks.

Those 25 years of professional experience allows us to provide high-quality services to people who need it. Educating yourself about gas safety is something that you cannot overlook because if you do, you can suffer the consequences. Dealing with gas inside your home requires a lot of knowledge if you want to live in a completely safe environment where you are not stressing out about the gas. If you don’t know how to deal with gas leaks and other problems that might occur at your home, then you are risking your health because in some cases the gas can even be fatal. That’s why we as professionals have the mission to help out people by lowering these gas risks.

Our team of professionals is ready at all times to help out people in need. We have created our gas safety services specially to prevent any bad from happening. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is becoming a real issue nowadays, and we know that we can change that by providing our specialized services to everyone who needs them. There is a very good reason why it is called the silent killer, if you don’t have these alarms, you won’t even realize that you have gas leaks in your home.